Sunday, August 26, 2007

Woodsman Strausser - Gets TURKEY!

The giant, beautiful, healthy maples that lined Old River Road are gone. The Riverview Woodsman, Gary Strausser, cut them down two weeks ago.

Strausser Gets A TURKEY!

The Express Times thought the act bad enough to award Gary Strausser its August 25th TURKEY. This Strausser TURKEY award has two parts, one for cutting the trees and the second for asking the Township to take over maintenance of some of the Riverview roads!

According to Express Times reporter JD Malone, the Township-hired arborist has finished inspecting the destroyed trees and will submit a report to the Supervisors. The tree cutting tragedy will be an agenda item at the September 6 meeting.

Supervisor candidates are not quiet on the issue either. Democrat Bob Egolf's letter to Morning Call calls for Township vigilance when dealing with developers and warns that other acts may be even more insidious.

Republican David Billings' letters to the editors of both the Morning Call and the Express Times urge the Board to take the strongest legal action. Billings warns that if this act goes unpunished, there's no stopping future wanton disregard of agreements by this or other developers.

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