Sunday, September 02, 2007

Strausser - In the News Again!

The Express Times' Jimmy Miller (9/2/07) reported further on the allegations made by Strausser representative Sal Panto to the Forks Supervisors - that on at least four occasions, EMS (from outside Forks) did not arrive at the Riverview Country Club when a 911 call was made because the (still private) Riverview roads are not on the Northampton County 911 mapping system.

Panto said that dispatched vehicles are not able to find the golf course country club on Winchester Drive. And, because of this, Strausser has asked the Township to take over maintenance of Riverview's roads.

According to the Express Times, Barry Alberston, Jr. of Suburban EMS, said that this was untrue. Apparently there are two witnesses to one of the incidents - that of a woman fainting at the country club. Albertson said that Forks EMS called off that ALS call.

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