Sunday, August 05, 2007

Building Moratoriums & Developer Impact Fees - Hearings Last Week

On Wednesday, August 1st, State Representative Bob Freeman chaired a public hearing at Lafayette College to discuss allowing municipalities to impose building moratoriums while zoning and comprehensive plans are rewritten. And, on Thursday, August 2nd, both Freeman and State Representative Rich Grucela hosted a hearing on developer impact fees (a way to pay for schools when development makes expansion necessary) in Upper Mount Bethel Township.

Both of these hearings were about topics near and dear to Forks' residents hearts. - Kings Mill and its zoning challenge(s)figure in everything. - Here are some links to what's been written in the press, some of the testimony from the Freeman hearing, and to the Bills themselves.

House Bill 904 - Hearing - Building Moratoriums

Express Times - HB 904 Hearing

HB 904 - The Bill

HB 904 Analysis - Freeman

PSATS (PA State Association of Township Supervisors) Testimony

PBA (PA Builders Association) Testimony

PSBA (PA School Board Association) Comments

EASD Business Manager - Jeffrey Bader - (excerpt) Testimony

House Bill 72 - Hearing - Developer Impact Fees

HB 72 - The Bill

Express Times - HB 72 Hearing - sidebar

Morning Call - HB 72 Hearing

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