Saturday, August 18, 2007

Did You Hear The Trees Scream?

Five or so years ago, at a Board of Supervisors meeting, residents of Old River Road spoke up and Strausser Enterprises was ordered not cut the stately old maple trees lining Old River Road. The trees, at least the five on the township right-of-way, were saved!

Old River Road on Saturday 8/11... Years passed. The trees are now down. These photos, taken, Saturday, August 11, 2007 show the results of a Strausser "framing" crew's handiwork. Someone from the cutting crew told a neighbor that the TOWNSHIP ordered the act. It turns out, that wasn't true. The Township did not order the trees to come down. Strausser Enterprises did. Strausser's attorney, Gary Asteak, admitted to that before the Board at its August 16th meeting - and he said that the removal was "in the plans" that the Board approved in 2000. The Township said "NOT."

Maple tree - so old - so dead 'Maple According to Township Engineer, Fred Hay, the largest of them was 53 inches in diameter. All were healthy. All are gone.

The Board is considering what legal recourse it has and is consulting with an arborist to learn the full extent of what Strauuser's organization has done.

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Ron Asteak said...

Strausser Enterprises should be required to replace the gross tree diameter loss with transplantable size trees on Old River Road. Alternatively, Forks Township Officials should refuse to approve any further site plans for this outrageous act of vandalism on public property.