Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old Giant/Laneco property may see new life - like it or not

It was hinted at at the February 19th BoS meeting.  Township Manager, Rick Schnaedter, without giving details, asked that the Supervisors take no action on the Laneco site for at least 45 days.  Schnaedter's request was prompted by Supervisor Chuss' suggestion that the Board consider declaring it a "blighted" property.  And, Chuss' comments were prompted by a resident's report that the Giant's deed restrictions no longer apply.

Enter the Morning Call's Christopher Baxter:  He was curious enough to do some digging and he broke the story in a February 26th article.  Baxter also posted it to the Two Rivers blog along with a link to a full brochure prepared by the leasing agent for the property, Metro Commercial Real Estate.

What does Forks have to look forward to?  Well, Planet Fitness and a Dollar Tree are listed on the brochure as proposed - along with more available space.  Baxter reported, too, that a McDonald's is also planned. 

This plan is the in pipeline for Planning Commission review but no date has yet been set.  An older plan for this site was approved by the Supervisors in July 2005

This plan may not be what everyone hoped for the site - remember the 2006 FAC email poll on the topic?  -  but it looks like that's what we shall get.


Anonymous said...

The deed restrictions on the old Laneco/Giant expired, or may be soon!?!? Wow, what a surprise...NOT! This was known all during the Weis Market application and appeal, but, as usual, too many people in power and control in Forks Township got too much $$ to question it, much less expose, and/or do something about it.

Michelle, Madeline, and Mike said...

Extremely disappointed with the proposal. Forks already has a fitness center and a Dollar store - we do NOT need more! And don't even get me started on McDonalds. I suppose Sullivan Trail will soon be the next Stefko Blvd or MacArther Rd.

Friend of Sullivan Trail said...

I share the concern of Michelle. We must save Sullivan Trail from undesirable retailers and quick fixes by developers who can't wait to get their money out of a project. Let's talk about some better choices for Forks residents. After all we are the ones who must support these retailers. They can't survive without us in these difficult times.