Sunday, February 15, 2009

Upcoming Municipal Primary Election

What's wrong with this picture? - Missing candidates!

The 2009 Municipal Primary Election in Forks Township offers opportunities for Forks voters to effectively change the "old guard."  Will it happen?  Maybe not.  You see, there's a problem - there are more openings than there are declared candidates.  Of course, the formal candidates' filings are not due until March 10th.  The paperwork/packets are available now at the Northampton County Voters Office.  Signature collection officially begins on February 17th. 

Easton Area School District - Region III (4 year term):  Forks Township is represented by Region III of the Easton Area School Board.  Forks voters will be electing two members in the upcoming November election.  One of the incumbents, Randolph Mahl, has announced that he will not seek re-election and the other, Pam Millen-Eustis, has announced that she will.  So far, no other candidates have announced for Region III. 

Forks Board of Supervisors (6 year term):  There are two seats up for grabs and to date, only one announced candidate, David Billings (R).  The incumbents, Bonnie Nicholas (D) and Don Miller (D) have yet to announce.

Forks Township Elected Tax Collector (4 year term):  One seat and no announced candidates.  June Vail (R), the incumbent, has yet to make her intentions known.

Forks Elected Auditors (6 year term):  One seat, that of incumbent Elizabeth Casapulla, and no announced candidates.

Forks registered voters, you still have time to make a difference and run for one of these offices!  All the information you need to be on the Municipal Primary ballot is available now from the Northampton County Voters Office

There's no time to waste.  You know you can make a difference. 

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