Wednesday, September 26, 2007

King's Mill Developers Want A Time Out?

The September 25 Morning Call featured a piece by Joe Nixon on the Kings Mill zoning challenge's latest turn of events. Please read it.

Two of the Supervisor candidates have new blog posts about it, too. See Billings2007 and Wideman2007 for their views.

Round 15 is scheduled for October 1st at 7:30 PM in the Forks Municipal Building. You won't want to miss this one! Anything can happen.

The Board needs to know NOW how you, the residents of Forks, stand. Be there. It's vital.

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Jim Wideman said...

Once again, my position that Higher Density leads to Higher Taxes is confirmed. In today's Express-Times District has big concerns about major development, EASD Business Manager Jeffery Bader states that the KMRD 3000+ home proposal would have an impact to EASD of nominally $45million (staff, administrative, and transportation costs) plus $10-40million(building expansions). More simply put TAXPAYERS of the EASD (you and me) are going to have to finance $55-85million. This would be achieved through the issuance of Bonds and Higher Property Taxes. EASD Board Member Alfred Capecci stated that the KMRD proposal almost gave him a (metaphorical) heart attack; clearly this is not a healthy scenario.
School impacts are not the only adverse impacts. Police, Fire, EMS, and Township administrative staff would need significant size increases. Our roads (mostly high crowned rural roads with little or no shoulders and little room for expansion) would see significant trip volume increases and need maintenance at an increased schedule. The irreversible conversion of prime agricultural soils and parts of our rural historical heritage are also notable impacts. Forks Township Taxpayers would have to shoulder these burdens. At the same time, the developers would be enjoying a stroll to their local (they do not live here!) bank.
Forks Township zoning is fair and constitutional contrary to the KMRD litigation. KMRD's "By Right" plan is also fair and constitutional and should be resubmitted. Their current challenges should be withdrawn. The Forks Township Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) should not allow KMRD's ploy of an "indefinite continuance" which would mean that the ZHB would suspend hearings of these current challenges for the near term. This interruption would come during Forks Township's presentation of witnesses refuting KMRD contentions. These witnesses are testifying to the validity and constitutionality of Forks Township Zoning Laws on behalf of Forks Township citizens. They should be heard now and not suspended indefinitely. Of what interest is it to the Forks Township Community, which includes the EASD, to allow this litigation to rear its ugly head again in the future?
If these concerns are also your concerns, Please Attend the upcoming ZHB and BoS meetings on October 1, 7:30pm and October 4, 7:30pm respectively.
James Wideman