Friday, October 01, 2004

"Flooding analysis may usher in changes"

This is such good news! An article in today's (10/1/04) Express Times said that the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission is going to study why the flooding from Hurricane Ivan was so bad in the LV. They are right to say that it needs study. The answers, of course, will be complex... likely a weather fluke with some relation to the rapid expansion of pavement and roofs in the valley. There are a couple of TRUTHS involved:
  1. The development isn't going to go away.
  2. It isn't going to stop (until there is no place left to build that is.)

Given these two facts, it behooves the Master Planners to come up with solid infrastructure recommendations. There are lots of us depending on this for our safety and the safety of our major financial investments (homes). Perhaps they will recommend a PAUSE in it all until roads and drainage systems can be redesigned to handle stormwater runoff? Or, at least until plans are developed for the redesigns? My fingers are crossed!

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