Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Does not compute! Does not compute! Does not compute!

Edward Sieger's piece in the Express Times yesterday (10/25/2004) about the BoS (meeting) discussion of the proposed software package told you a lot more than we did in our meeting notes. One thing not in the article nor in our notes was that Supervisor Miller, when refusing to be on the software committee, also said that he did not want to cast the TIE BREAKING VOTE! Sieger also related that "Supervisor Donald Miller said he was willing to give Nicholas until the board's Nov. 4 meeting but will approve Applied Micro's proposal if a better option isn't offered." Yes, all of this is true! I, for one, am having trouble comprehending how Supervisor Miller, who refused to learn through research, and who does not want to break a tie, will be more informed and more qualified after two weeks of life as usual, to cast a vote in favor of the original package over another option. Yes, it might even be the tie breaking vote. Does it make sense that he WILL cast the tie breaking vote in favor of something he knows NOTHING about? I think, based on what Supervisor Miller avows, that he should abstain from this vote entirely. That way, he will not be voting in ignorance nor will he be casting the dreaded tie breaking vote.

Sieger also discussed auditor Alan France's letter in great detail. He must have picked up a copy. Kudos! According to Sieger's report, that letter was a month old. It was obviously in someone's possession for a month before most of the BoS got their copies. Supervisor Hoff said he only held it a "few days" before distributing it. Holy cow. What's going on in our township offices? How could a letter so important as to cause Supervisor Holmgaard to be "shaking" have been misplaced for so long? It should have been presented to the Board immediately! Among other things, the auditor(s) recommended:

  1. Hiring a Director of Finance. (Maybe the new software will take care of that need? Maybe not.) Won't the software help to alleviate the need for yet another manager?
  2. New record keeping and new accounting systems
  3. AND, proper training for the existing staff

Let's hope that the efforts by the new committee truly do come up with a good package that will handle the township's needs through its growth cycle and beyond. If the software is good enough, the township won't need two managers... one with versatility will do! Kudos to Edward Sieger and the Express Times for probing further into the auditor's letter. Perhaps auditor France should BE on that committee too! He seems to KNOW what we need. If he's not ON the committee, I hope the committee consults with him for recommendations and guidance.

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It's a FAC2 said...

In order to make an informed decision, the township supervisors need to be presented with several software packages that address the needs of our township. The software package chosen needs to be the most current, flexible, and expandable package that we can purchase within the township budget restraints in order to meet the needs of our rapidly growing community. Such an important decision cannot be taken lightly and should be made only by individuals willing to take the time to become educated regarding the various options available so that the best possible decision can be made.

If Supervisor Miller is unable to make the commitment needed to make such an informed decision, then he should by all means abstain from voting on this matter. This will prevent him from making an uninformed decision (which is in my opinion is much worse than abstaining from voting), will absolve him from casting the dreaded tie breaking vote, and will possibly save him from the being placed in the awkward position of voting against the proposal made by his boss (which by the way could possibly be perceived as a conflict of interest).