Friday, September 17, 2004

BoS Meeting 9/16/2004

The Express Times' Jeff Schogol did an excellent job of reporting this meeting's goings on, including the big engineering blunder and COMMENTS from the floor. Kudos! The MCall article by Joe Nixon,0,3342310.story (link expired, sorry), covered the new business park project. Read them both. What follows is the rest of the story (apologies to Paul Harvey.)

Yes, there were more police officers at this meeting, six of them! One was in uniform, 3 were in street clothes and 2 were wearing their detective uniforms (the handcuffs from the belts were a giveaway.) As citizens of this great country, even if they do not live in Forks, they have every right to attend a public meeting. Right? Stan Kocher (retired, former Supervisor) said that he was going to look into this. Will keep you posted.

Now for the good stuff (residents names are used because they were also in the Express article):

  1. Upstream Farms seniors wrote a letter to protest the increased trash collection fee. Ms. Nicholas suggested that we could change it to a 'limited' collection but that would mean no grass clippings and that would cause other costs to the township. Payment plans are offered to anyone who wants one. That availability will be advertised in the next newsletter and as a special mailing to residents in senior developments.
  2. Tim Weis (Zoning Officer and Deputy Fire Chief) announced that there will be a special seminar on the townships 'terrorism' plans.
  3. Henning Holmgard read a letter of rejection by the US Postal service. Forks will get no Post Office.
  4. Martin Zawarski, a non-resident, (but large landowner) suggested to the Supervisors that they impose time limits on the residents' "Comments" to avoid filibusters. He said other municipalities do that.
  5. Dean Turner thanked all the township employees who have helped with the 250th. He has ideas for special recognition for them.
  6. Fritz Weide (resident) suggested that the township stop all building until the current traffic mess is fixed.
  7. A couple (not named in the Express article) brought to the attention of the Supervisors the fact that their neighbor is cutting trees on land above them on Paxinosa. This tree cutting person wants a better view. The trouble is that in the process, he has cut trees on their land. They have no trespassing signs newly posted and can now call the police if there are any more trees killed on their land. The problem here is that things are in a delicate balance on mountainsides and anyone cutting the trees that hold the land in place, risks everything below. This couple live below. Their property is now in danger and has already been damaged. Tim Weis and Fred Hays have been involved. The tree cutting property owner will not return calls and does not live in the house he owns there.
  8. Dottie Yautz spoke about how much she learned at the last meeting's presentation (of a resident's findings) re. the township's GSA investigation. She was glad to learn the true story of the "notorious" forklift and would like Lee Fisher rehired. (It's interesting to note here that after Ms. Yautz finished speaking, four of the police officers left. The two detectives stayed behind. )

Item 1 above is in red because IT IS A BIG DEAL! If the Supervisors limit our time, the only forum we, as taxpaying residents, have will be restricted. IMHO, the residents should certainly scream and holler if this is seriously considered. We have NO OTHER FORUM. We pay the bills here. The 'agenda' items are important too. Maybe the Supervisors will consider another night exclusively for "Comments from the Floor?" Of course, then there will be no one at the regular meetings to observe the projects (from the ones not paying the bills) on the horizon. There is no easy answer.

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Rebel With A Cause said...

Any time a citizen's freedom of speech is muted, it is a big deal. Kudos for posting this in red as it is that important. Since Mr. Zawarski said that he does not live in the township, what difference could it possibly be to him how much time we residents’ have to speak during the “comments from the floor” portion of the meeting? As for Mr. Weide’s comment about stopping building until our roadway issues are addressed, he is right, but he is missing one key piece of information. Though the Board of Supervisors would probably say that they can’t stop projects from being built, simply put, they don’t want to. We are in debt up to our eyeballs thanks to the new municipal complex being built as well as the additions made to Don Miller’s building (a.k.a. “community center”) recently. As I understand it, much of the financial projections used to calculate our ability to pay down this debt are rooted in collecting fees for new construction in the township. Therefore, even if the Board of Supervisors wanted to slow down building, and they certainly do not seem to want to, they have pushed us into a corner unless they raise our township taxes.