Sunday, January 24, 2010

KMRD appeals Commonwealth Court ruling - Procedural Challenge

KMRD has filed an appeal of the Commonwealth Court ruling last December that upheld the Northampton Court of Common Pleas decision that upheld Forks Zoning Hearing Board's decision - in the KMRD Procedural Challenge.  This is the challenge that originally alleged that Forks did not follow proper procedures in adopting its zoning ordinances - all the way back to 1983 and therefore they should all be thrown out and KMRD should be allowed to build under 1983 rules.

KMRD had 30 days from the December 21, 2009 ruling to file their appeal to the PA Supreme Court.  There is no guarantee that the court will agree to hear the case.

Please see Tony Nauroth (Express Times) and Tom De Martini (Morning Call) for more.

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