Saturday, January 09, 2010

Elected Auditors - Set Supervisor 2010 Rates

Reprinted from the FAC website:   On January 5th, Forks three Elected Auditors met in private for 10 minutes with Township Solicitor Karl Kline. Afterwards, they held their re-organization meeting, elected a chairperson, and discussed and set the 2010 wages for Supervisors who are employees of the Township.

This year's working Supervisors are Robert Egolf, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Supervisors and Michele Rogers, part time Community Center monitor. 

There were questions about job descriptions and whether to freeze the rate of Ms. Rogers and thus there was considerable discussion.  But because other part time monitors are getting a 4% raise it was decided to give her the same negotiated 4% increase - taking her rate from $12.16 to $12.64/hour.

Mr. Egolf's annual pay is to be the same as last year at $2,271.  The Elected Auditors have the option of holding an additional meeting should Egolf's duties be reduced.  Currently, he signs checks and attends the Finance & Administration Committee meetings.  Other Supervisors also sign checks - without additional pay.

The Elected Auditors are Sandy Hanks, Chair, Sandra Wideman, and James Craig.

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