Saturday, March 28, 2009

Forks Democratic candidates for Supervisor - among the missing

Christopher Baxter's recent Two Rivers Daily blog post (Morning Call) says it all:  "Where are Forks Twp Democrats?"  There are no bona fide Democratic candidates - that is none who have gone through the formal process and filed signature laden (kidding, only 10 signatures are needed) petitions with the Northampton County Voters Office. 

Baxter reports that local Forks Democratic Party leadership is now actively exploring what can be done to keep the May 19th Primary from becoming a de facto general election and of course, to keep this from happening again. 

There are two seats open on the Forks Board of Supervisors and there are five declared Republican candidates.  With no Democratic candidates, it is conceivable that the two candidates who win in the Republican Primary will be the only two candidates on the November ballot and therefore, Forks newest Supervisors.

It's "wait and see" as to what the Forks Democratic Party leadership is able to muster at this, the eleventh hour. 

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