Sunday, December 30, 2007

HB 904 Still Alive In Harrisburg!

According to an article by Richard Fellinger in the (December 30, 2007) Lebanon Daily News, Representative Robert Freeman's bill for temporary development moratoriums has passed committee and will come before the full house in 2008.  This bill will allow municipalities undergoing zoning and/or comprehensive plan reviews to impose up to eighteen month development/building moratoriums.

For more background on HB 904, see (FAC blog post) Building Moratoriums & Developer Impact Fees

In discussion, at their August 16, 2007 meeting, Forks Supervisors endorsed HB 904 in principle but tabled passing RESOLUTION #070816-2/SUPPORT OF TEMPORARY BUILDING MORATORIUM LEGISLATION.  Miller and Ackerman both preferred that a letter of support be sent (instead of the Howell sponsored Resolution). 

At its September 6th meeting, after discussion and input from Planning Commission members Erik Chuss and Dean Turner, the Board voted 5:0 to PASS RESOLUTION #070906-3/Support of Temporary Building Moratorium Legislation.

PennFuture has HB 904 on its list of bills to watch.  Check it out.

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