Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ZHB Says "No" - Next Decision Up To The BoS - Oct 4th!

On Monday, October 1st, the Forks Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) voted 5:0 to deny Kings Mill LLC an indefinite continuance on the current challenge hearing while the partnership and the Township attempt to work out a settlement.

The letter for the request was sent to the John Pappas, Chairman of the Zoning Hearing Board. In it, Kings Mill's attorney, John VanLuvanee, stated that the Township "joined in" the request. The trouble with that sentence was that it wasn't true. The Zoning Hearing Board didn't like that (among other things) and voted unanimously to deny the request.

The public was allowed to speak and not one of the speakers, all the candidates included (Wideman, Billings, Chuss, and Egolf - with his vote on the Zoning Hearing Board - blogs are linked) was in favor of it. Supervisor Howell spoke as well. He got applause. Supervisor Ackerman was there but did not speak. Read candidate James Wideman's testimony.

The Board of Supervisors will be discussing the Kings Mill request at its (public) meeting on October 4th. A letter will be sent to the ZHB with the Board's request, should there be one that is, for an indefinite (?) continuance. The ZHB will have to consider the matter one more time if that happens. Wonder how it will come out this time? Be there for Round 16 on October 15th!

Please read Tom De Martini (Morning Call) and JD Malone (Express Times) for more. Also, in today's Express Times, there is a letter from David Hoff, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (and outgoing supervisor), refuting an earlier letter to the editor by candidate David Billings. Read candidate James Wideman's letter to the editor - Express Times.

This is the meeting you've been waiting for! Don't miss it. Bring the
family. Pack the house!
Thursday, October 4th at 7:30 PM.

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