Sunday, July 15, 2007

PC - Good News/Bad News - 7/12/07

The Planning Commission, at its July 12 meeting, learned that Braden Boulevard will not be continued through the Fort James III Industrial Park - because Norfolk Southern, citing safety reasons, has adamantly refused to allow a crossing on the Brennan farm road (at Kesslersville).

Representatives of the railroad indicated to JG Petrucci, the developer, that if the fight is taken to the PUC and won, that it would be a win the battle - lose the war scenario. In other words, the township and developer would get the rail crossing but the businesses who expect rail service will not get it. The railroad would discontinue it.

The impact (of Braden Boulevard running only from Sullivan Trail to Kesslersville Road) on the Uhler/Sullivan intersection is yet to be discussed. The long planned road was to connect Sullivan Trail with Fort James III - going through the commercial area (EC district), through Jacob's Farm I and II and across Kesslersville Road.

In order to get a second access road (Uhler/Braden will be primary) into and out of Fort James III, land may have to be condemned (eminent domain). The new stub road would go from the Braden cul de sac to Glover along a residence's northern property line.

The expected 4000 trips per day along Uhler to Fort James III will be served by intersection improvements to Uhler/Braden. There will be left turn lanes in both directions on Uhler and as well as a right-in.

In addition, the PC learned that the DEP is holding the developer to stricter stormwater volume controls than the Township requires. The flooding trouble spots on Kesslersville should be eliminated by the dual swale along the west side of the railroad line to the Rinaldi property.

The PC also learned that there are two tenants (Weyerhauser Lumber and Henningsen Cold Storage) on the horizon who are coming because of the rail sidings. Together they will bring approximately 200 jobs.

For more, please read Madeleine Mathias (Morning Call). She was the only reporter there!

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