Sunday, September 17, 2006

The PC Sees It First! The Grocery Is Weis

At the 9/14 meeting of the Planning Commission, among the regular agenda items, was the first presentation of the grocery wannabee. Weis Market was it. The representatives from SamCar and from Weis described a new shopping experience with their proposed new store at Sullivan Trail and Uhler Road.

The Planning Commissioners asked questions, discussed traffic, and made promises to demand an appropriate architectural look.

The plan as presented was not the same as the plan submitted to the Township and because of that, the planners voted to "not accept" the submitted plans. The clock will start ticking (on the process) when the plans are accepted by the PC.

Please read Nixon (Morning Call) and Lomax (Express Times) for more on the Weis proposal for Forks.

The other projects on the 9/14 PC agenda have been updated on the FAC news page. They include Forks Landing Business Park, Courts At Newlins Road, and Jacobs Farm II.

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