Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One Person's Opinion

Don Dal Maso's proposal for school district impact assessments by municipalities has indeed received some welcome press lately. He has detailed some of it in edition #3 of his newsletter, One Person's Opinion.

Don's written to F.A.C. with the time and place of the UMBT Board of Supervisors meeting in which his proposal is an agenda item. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the UMBT Municipal Building on Sand Pit Road off of Rte. 512. For driving directions (courtesy of Don)
click here.

He said that the originally scheduled presentation - the one discussed in the
Express Times for 1/9/06 didn't happen. Lots of people came though! There was some confusion about the schedule and now it is officially on the agenda for the 23rd. He hopes that people from nearby communities will come to learn more about it and to support it too (of course.) Apparently a good number of those who made it to the 1/9/06 meeting, were not proponents. No, they were not. Do try to attend. It's important to your future. Heck, it could happen here!


It's a FAC said...

Don's Op-Ed piece appeared in the the 1/19/06 edition of the Express Times. Check it out and attend the 1/23/06 meeting in UMBT too. He can't do it alone!

It's a FAC said...

And here's how it "played in Peoria" last night at the UMBT BoS Workshop. They agreed to look into it further. It's a start.