Sunday, December 11, 2005

What do you think about... ? - F.A.C.'s Weekly Survey

F.A.C.'s 14th weekly survey question is up and waiting for you. CLICK HERE!

For previous weekly results, click on the links below:

Week #1 - Results

Q1. How long before the Board of Supervisors caves to developers' whims and changes Farmland Preservation requirements?
Week #2 - Results

Q2. Is Forks Township heading in the right direction?

Week #3 - Results

Q3. Will the fact that Board of Supervisors Candidate Leon (Lee) Fisher has thus far refused all public debate with his opponent affect your vote?
Week #4 - Results

Q4. Currently none of the township department heads live in Forks Township. Should there be a residency requirement for future hires of management personnel?

Week #5 - Results

Q5. If a developer builds a detention pond to a specification which later proves to be inadequately sized, should that developer be required to expand the detention ponds capacity?

Week #6 - Results

Q6. A - Did you know that an elected member of the Board of Supervisors serves a 6 year term?
B - Do you find yourself voting against a candidate rather than FOR a candidate in local elections?

Week #7 - Results

Q7. Forks is at a important crossroad in its growth. An election for Supervisor is just around the corner. How important is it to you to KNOW how a candidate thinks about Township issues before you cast your vote?

Week #8 - Results

Q8. The election is November 8, 2005. You are going to the polls. You feel fully informed of the issues facing the Township. You are confident in your choice because:
(select as many as apply)

Week #9 - Results

Q9. By now most of you know that some thief in the night has been stealing Howell For Forks Supervisor signs. This is your chance to rate the sign thieves.

Week #10 - Results

Q 10. David Howell is very aware of what is important to us, open space, open roads, open overnment, and sound financial planning. Let's help him to get started. Which is most important to you right now? Rate them 1-5 with 1 being the most important.

Week #11 - Results

Q 11. Our website visitors have spoken! The most important issue (of the most important issues that is) to them is Open Government! Here are some choices for how that can come about. Which do you think will be the most effective course of action in the short run? - And, which in the long run?

Week #12 - Results

Q12. We saw from last week's survey responses that both short term and long term suggestions for improving open government in Forks included a "citizens advisory committee." This is a great idea. We also saw that one individual suggested a "resident observer in meetings with developers." Another great idea for sure. Not on the list of things to select from however, was televised public meetings. This was an oversight. So what do you think... Should Forks Township meetings be televised?

Week #13 - Results
Q13. The Township is growing. Open fields are sprouting houses and offices and businesses. The CVS proposal and the developer of the business park are hoping to put in a drug store, a drive-thru fast food
restaurant and possibly a food store or strip mall near the Uhler Rd and Sullivan Trail intersection. To think about too are the proposed new interchange on Rt. 33 at Tatamy and RACINO, the proposed horse track/slot parlor in Palmer Township on the other side of Tatamy.

Rank some of these possible reasons for liking it on a scale of 1- 5 with 1 being your most important.

Rank some of these possible reasons for not liking it on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being your most important.


It's a FAC said...

Question 4, about Managers not being Forks' residents is no longer a correct statement. At the October 20, 2005 Board of Supervisors Meeting, Gary Sandt was appointed Director of the Department of Public Works! He is a long time Forks resident. Heck, he was born and raised here.

He survived the probationary period and prevailed. Congratulations to you, Gary Sandt!

It's a FAC said...

One of Week 13's survey respondents correctly pointed out that the question was very hard to understand. It was a badly designed and for that FAC apologizes. We will try to do better!