Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Farm Forever - Thank You Elsie Louise Brown!

At the PC meeting on 12/8/05, John Daub, nephew of Elsie Louise Brown, spoke to the ELSIE LOUISE BROWN MINOR SUBDIVISION agenda item. A 2 acre subdivision was requested for a family home. He said that another less-than-2-acre homesite will need a lot line adjustment early next year and that 4 acres (in Plainfield Township) of the farm will also be subdivided for another family home. And guess what else!

The rest of the 129.9 acre farm will go into farmland preservation forever! Yes, Ms. Brown's proposal to sell her land's development rights to Northampton County via the farmland preservation program has been accepted. This is the first for Forks.

The land is in the northern end of the Township off of Klein Road. It will remain in the family and can be farmed and even sold, but never developed.

Kudos and thank you to Elsie Louise Brown and her family.

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