Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wait! There's More!

Now that the election is over, there are more things you can do for your township. David Howell's new position as Forks Supervisor leaves a void on the Zoning Hearing Board. His term was due to expire December 31, 2007. If you are interested, please send a letter of interest to the Supervisors. We suggest sending a copy to EACH of the Board members so that it doesn't get lost or forgotten. They must appoint someone for the January term in December.

Also, there are two terms expiring on the Planning Commission on December 31st. Again, send a letter of interest to the Board (copies to each of them please) and cross your fingers. The new terms start at the beginning of January 2006 and must be filled by the last BoS meeting in December (the 15th).

Most of our Supervisors home addresses are in the phone book or, if you prefer, the Municipal Building address is 1606 Sullivan Trail, Easton, PA 18040.

Don't procrastinate. Step up and be part of the solution! They need to hear from you now.

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