Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Howell Won!

Thank you to each and every one of you who came out to vote today. Wow!

We are so excited! YOU made this happen. We are so proud of you all.

(For a larger image, just click once on the graphic.)


IvyMum said...

I am looking forward to a new voice and perspective on our Board of Supervisors. As I walked into Forks Elementary to vote, I was encouraged to vote for Fisher. But when a candidate refuses to engage in open debate with his opponent, and otherwise makes himself unknown to the voters, how can one support him? Congratulations to Mr. Howell and thank you for your efforts.

It's a FAC2 said...

Congratulations David Howell!!! Thank you for all your hard work. Your door to door campaign really told the people your cared. Good luck on your new venture. I feel confident you will do a great job for the citizens of Forks Township.

Anne Tenna said...

Seems progress has taken on a whole new meaning here in Forks and further the future is looking like blue skies. That being said, Welcome to our newest supervisor---C. David Howell