Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Planning Commission, Where It All Begins

Planning Commission meetings continue to be source of news and surprises. The 9/8/05 one was no exception. Sal Panto formally withdrew the Strausser Enterprises’ proposal for the Village at Riverview Estates. He said that they will come back with a traditional housing development or "maybe even a new concept" sometime in the future. Both Joe Nixon (Morning Call) and Sarah Mausolf (Express Times) wrote all about it on 9/9/05. If you want to know more about the original project see Bos Meeting 3/17/2005, Rally In The Alley and BoS Meeting 6/2/2005.

Other projects were advanced at this PC meeting and some new projects were introduced. Please check out the NEWS page on the
F.A.C. website for information about these and other projects in the Township. You’ll be amazed. Attend the meetings. They really are interesting. They are not all big, crowded special meetings like the one for Kings Mill, but they are where things get off the ground and they are very important. The PC meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM. They have workshop sessions on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

By the way, we do not for one minute, think that Kings Mill is kaput. We don’t know when it will be on the Board of Supervisors’ agenda and likely will not know more than one day in advance (lest the room be jammed again). Try to plan your 1st and 3rd Thursday nights around the BoS schedule. Check the Township website on Thursdays to see the agenda online or call the Township office. The agenda deadline is Tuesday at 2:30 PM before the meetings however, the website often does NOT have the agenda posted until sometime on Thursday mornings.


newtoforks said...

has that candidate leon fisher ever said where he stands on this kings mill development? i keep reading the papers hoping that he will tell us how he feels about changing the farmland house limits but it looks like the cat has his tongue. this is very sad and i hope that the newspapers call him out on this.

It's a FAC2 said...

They've Seen The Light… the decision to stop Strausser's Village Center has made a lot of Forks Residents (old and new) very happy. One resident I talked to said "we sure did not need a city plopped in the middle of a country residential area." Most people felt that they should continue building the Segal and Morel homes in the 25 acres and keep it consistent with what is already there. The best thing for Strausser is to sell the 25 acres to Segal and Morel.

On another note, I wonder why Sal Panto was quoted in Sarah Mausolf's article as saying there were only going to be 80 condos in the village when actually there were going to be 49 townhouses, 17 single family homes, 80 condos, 80 senior apartments and 49.000 square feet of business space? Hmmm!!!

Thanks to all of the residents who came to the meetings and voiced their opinions . It just goes to show that we can save some of the quality of life in our wonderful township. Please keep coming to the meetings and voice your opinions. Your voice does count!

Townshipper said...

I for one really would like to know where ousted police chief Fisher stands on the issues, especially this big 800+ homes proposed project. I guess he just thinks people are blind and will pull the lever for their party without caring. He was very obviously "missing in action" at that Planning Commission meeting. It's looks like more of the same on every other thing in Forks too. Guess he figures that if he says anything at all, his "twin" on the Board of Supervisors will be "outed." Sheesh. That's what we need, another puppet. The "ousted and the outed." Great. Let's turn our government over openly then. Why the election charade? Let's just vote in developers only. What do you say? Shall we just give them the keys to the Township?