Friday, June 24, 2005

"Say it ain't so, Joe"

Today's Morning Call had THIS article by Joe Nixon, mostly quoting from the developer (Zawarski & Signature Homes) duo's attorney, Dennis Benner. He makes it pretty clear that if the Township will not acquiesce to their zoning overlay request (800 plus dwelling units on 400 acres), then they are prepared to build 162 homes (on the same acreage) on two acre lots. Benner says that this will be worse for the Township because it would get less money in developer fees and there would be no municipal garage and no improved park land.

Let's count cars. Eight hundred new units = 1600 more cars on the roadways (at a minimum) and 162 units = 324 more cars (minimum again). He must have scared our own Don Miller as Miller is cited as saying that IF the septic systems fail the Township, at its own (read OUR) expense, will have to bring the sewer line up there. It's difficult to buy into that on the surface though, since Mr. Miller's recreation department would stand to benefit greatly from the largesse of the new recreation fees. So, who's kidding whom?

According to Nixon the developer has requested it to be placed on the Planning Commissions' July 14th agenda.


Rufus Leakin said...

Watergate...No, Kings Mill Gate."It's the old story etc,etc,etc" Benner said some objectors ... may have thought the developers were not prepared to file a plan that complied with zoning rules. WELL, MR. BENNER YOU HAVE NOT FILED ANY SUCH PLAN. ACCORDING TO NIXON'S ARTICLE ,YOU HAVE SUBMITTED A SKETCH ONLY.IN other words a proposition for another "SPOT ZONING" FIASCO. P.S. Some developers call this "New Urbanism" or "Smart Growth" As they say where I come from, WALKS LIKE A DUCK, TALKS LIKE A DUCK.....

Townshipper said...

Kings Mill Gate... hrumph... who let the cat out of the bag Rufus? Joe Nixon's my hero. He knows everything! Privileged son of a son? Kidding, I'm kinda glad he's spilling the beans in advance aren't you?

Now, I want to know how Kings Mill is gonna feel with the sewer line just down the street and NONE for them... huh? How do you think this is "planned" to shake out? Oh yeah, you know don't you? You can FEEL it in your bones right? That's why you "gated" this community! Duh.