Thursday, June 30, 2005

NOAA's FLOOD - Mtg 6/30/05 - Martins Creek

Tonight at 7:00 PM in the former Centerfield School in Martins Creek, the Northampton County Long-Term Recovery Committee is hosting a presentation by the National Weather Service on the cause(s) of the April 2005 Delaware River flooding. The National Weather Service did a similar presentation last night in Portland, PA. This meeting is open to the public and all who want to know more about this flooding "perfect storm" should make every effort to attend. Although many of you heard the talk that Lafayette's Prof. Roger Ruggles gave at our May 2005 F.A.C. meeting about the flooding (and will be very familiar with much of what will be presented tonight), you may want to hear the "official" word(s).

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It's a FAC said...

April 2005 flood victims are not sitting idly by, they are filing lawsuits. See
Fight Floods Together, Express Times, 7/17/05. As any of the Forks residents who were flooded (or nearly flooded) will tell you, this flood was like no other. Only those along the Delaware River got hit and they got hit hard. It is time for the responsible parties to take action to see that this never happens again.