Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tatamy GETS It!

The Borough of Tatamy passed a sinkhole ordinance the other night. See the article by Arlene Martinez of the Morning Call on 2/8/05. This is an important and bold first step by Tatamy's leadership. It is interesting that single family residential construction is not included. Past newspaper articles implied that residential developers would be required to adhere to the new requirements. Still, this is a responsible action by Tatamy. I applaud this initial effort.

There have been threads in this blog discussing the need for sinkhole ordinances and enforcement. Check out:
Sinkholes.. What Are We Waiting For? and The HOLE Story - Tatamy Leads The Way! These threads contain some links to older local press coverage.

And, in case you think that sinkholes only open in Forks Township, Tatamy, Stockertown and Easton, there was a piece in the
Express Times (2/8/05) about a small sinkhole in the middle of downtown Hellertown. They can happen any place at any time. At least Tatamy will get the jump on some of them.

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