Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The HOLE Story - Tatamy Leads the Way!

Kudos to the Borough of Tatamy and to J.T. Maloney/Signature Homes! Today's (November 17, 2004) Express Times contains an article by Alyssa Young about how Signature Homes is adhering to Tatamy's new sinkhole law even though it has yet to be enacted. How wonderful that a developer is willing to do this. And, how wonderful that Tatamy is considering this new law. The new law will prohibit building ON or NEAR existing sinkholes and will also prohibit the directing of stormwater runoff to these areas. The builder has also promised to disclose to home buyers the fact that their land was under water during the recent flooding.

We applaud the efforts of Tatamy to get in front of a known problem and we applaud the developer, Signature Homes, for cooperating and being willing to go the extra mile. We do not know what the results of the "detailed geotechnical study and infiltration tests are." We do know that, due to sinkholes, there is bridge out in Tatamy and that Route 33 almost lost a bridge too. This is an important step to protecting Tatamy's current and future residents. Way to go!

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