Saturday, October 23, 2010

No tax increases for Forks Township

Great news for the taxpayers of Forks Township. No tax increases are being proposed in 2011. The following is a quick summary of the proposed 2011 budget.

2011 Budget Summary:

  • Total Operating Revenue: $7.93M
  • Total Operating Expense: $7.93M
  • Carryover Balance: $971,765
  • Police Department: $2.84M
  • Public Works: $945,602
  • FTAA: $113,061

Now the 2011 budget will follow the established timelines for approval. The entire budget will be available for public review and inspection start

  • November 4:  BoS approval of preliminary budget
  • November 18: BoS approval to advertise 2011 budget
  • November 19: Budget make available for public inspection
  • December 16: Final BoS budget approval

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