Thursday, July 02, 2009

Public Works Building Update

Forks Township is seeking bids from professional architectural/Engineering firms to build the new public works building. The following is a summary of the bid notice obtained from the Forks Township website. 

“The Forks Township Board of Supervisors is seeking to secure the services of an Architectural/Engineering Firm to design a public works facility on a 53 acre parcel of land owned by the township. This location was designated by a 2003 Feasibility Study, commissioned by the Board of Supervisors to locate the future site of a municipal public works facility. If selected as one of the three finalists, copies will be made available, upon request at no charge to the company. This location and facility is to be compatible with at the future recreational design of the balance of the property.”

However, contrary to what the above notice implies, the BoS has not yet approved a public works facility location.  Residents have expressed concerns about the above noted location (it's future park land) at both the recreation hearing and the garage proposal workshop.  Supervisors expressly said that the location and final design will be discussed further with the BoS, Planning Commission, and the community and that residents will have an opportunity for more input.

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