Saturday, April 11, 2009

Forks Supervisors' Primary contest - Missing Democrats found!

Two Democratic candidates have declared as write-ins for the Forks Supervisors May Primary bringing the field to seven candidates for two openings.  Democrats Lilly Gioia and James Wideman will have their work cut out for them since their names will not appear on the ballot.

In fact, there will be no names on the Democratic Supervisors Primary ballot.  The incumbents, Bonnie Nicholas and Don Miller did not make their decisions to not to seek re-election known until after the March 10th petition filing deadline had passed. 

The press release put out by the Forks Township Democratic Committee, a subcommittee of the Northampton County Democratic Party, states that both Gioia and Wideman have the local committee's endorsement. 

There are five candidates on the Republican ballot - and all went through the signature gathering and paperwork process to get there.  The Republican contenders are David Billings, Henning Holmgaard, Michelle Rodgers, Simon Sikora, and Kevin Wall.

Gioia and Wideman will be asking Forks registered Democratic voters to write in their names on May 19th. 

For a listing of all Forks voters' Primary ballot choices, see the FAC Primary page.  For newspaper coverage of the write-in candidates' announcement, see Christopher Baxter (Morning Call) and Tony Nauroth (Express Times).

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