Thursday, October 16, 2008

Give/Take? KMRD wants to donate land to the EASD!

The EASD Facilities Utilization Committee met last night (October 15, 2008).  On its agenda was a "developer" presentation.  The developer canceled late in the afternoon.  So, although some members of the general public were there, there was no "show." 

Turns out, according to the Express Times today (10/16/08), the developer is KMRD and KMRD wants to give land to the EASD.  Trouble is, that land is part of the ongoing KMRD/Kings Mill zoning challenge that Forks Township has been fighting for 27 months.  What's up?  Altruism?  Or... an end run around the Township to get what the developers want, sewers in the FP (Farmland Protection District)? 

This is one to watch. 

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