Thursday, November 01, 2007

Who will get your votes on Tuesday?

In less than one week - on Tuesday, November 6th - you will be making important choices at the polls. Your votes for two Supervisors will decide the path of Forks for the next six years. Just two of the four candidates will be elected Forks Supervisors.

Some voters have met all four candidates and already know who will receive their votes. Others have not yet decided. FAC has tried to make it easier for you. If you are among the undecided, please check out the following resources on the candidates:

  1. Lehigh Valley League of Women Voters 2007 Election Guide
  2. F.A.C. Candidates Page
  3. F.A.C. Candidates News Page
  4. F.A.C. Candidates Blog
  5. Billings 2007 - Blog
  6. Egolf 2007 - Blog
  7. Wideman 2007 - Blog

This is an important election for Forks Township. Two current Supervisors are being replaced. Four good candidates (from among your friends and neighbors) are vying for the two vacancies. These are tough choices. You will do all of us a service if you go to the polls as informed voters.

In the May Primary, two of the six candidates lost by only a few votes - proving that every vote really counts.

Don't stay home on Election Day, November 6th -- vote for Forks╩╝ future.

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