Sunday, January 07, 2007

Elected Auditors Meeting - 1/3/2007

In brief:

On January 3rd the Elected Auditors met to set the salaries of Supervisors who work for the Township, specifically that of John Ackerman, Donald Miller, and the Secretary/Treasurer. The Board of Supervisors is prohibited from setting their own wages.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer's wage was raised to $2271 from $2100.
  • Ackerman is approved to plow snow and should he be needed this year, his new rate will be $18/hr (up from $16.22/hr).
  • Miller is employed full time to run the Community Center and his 2007 wage was raised to $43,000 from 2006's $27600.

One of the three elected auditors, Wayne Docker, resigned in December 2006 leaving only 2, Elizabeth Casapulla and James Craig, to perform the task of setting Township-employed Supervisors' wages. Casapulla was elected Chairman and Craig was elected Secretary. The votes were 2:0.


Fenster said...

Maybe these "elected" auditors know how to FUND this whopping raise for Miller?

Why did Mr. Docker QUIT at the 11th hour? Surely it wasn't the rigorous meeting schedule (one time a year)!

Scalywag Spotter said...

Smelling a conspiracy theory here!

It's a FAC said...

Even the Express Times (1/13/07) editorial writer finds this action by Forks' Elected Auditors worthy of a TURKEY!