Sunday, August 27, 2006

Zoning Challenge - Real Start - 8/21/06

The Real McCoy and YOU were there!

The Kings Mill zoning challenge hearing got off to a slow start on Monday (8/21/06). Three hundred (or so) interested Forks residents and neighbors were in the audience.

Please read the Express Times and the Morning Call for details of the meeting and for summaries of the "charges" against Forks' new Zoning Ordinance.

(Click on any of the photos to see larger images.)

Lawyers and witnesses for the new KMRD, LP applicant (photo on the left.)

Audience before the start of the hearing.

KMRD's expert witness discusses soil quality.

The hearing process is detailed by "our" team.

The Express Times is to be commended for taking a stand in two editorials, one published on June 11, 2006 and the other on August 25, 2006.

EASD Superintendent, Dennis Riker, spoke out publicly in a letter to the Express Times. Riker explained in language we all understand (school tax dollars) just what a project of this magnitude will COST us! (Click on the links to read the articles.)

Round 2 is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 16th and Round 3 for Monday October 30th. Save the dates. This is too important to miss!


Forks Fan said...

FAC, your pictures of the crowd are okay if all you wanted to see were the bored faces of folks who didn’t get a chance to fight the good fight that was the only reason they came in the first place. You never commented in this blog about the only moment during the hearing when I and folks around me thought some positive justice might emerge from all the legal mumbo jumbo. That was when Mr. James Wideman stepped up to the open mic to object to the DEVELOPERS LAWYER’S request to eliminate the names Nic Zawarski, Dennis Benner and other greedy persons from the original complaint and substitute a bunch of initials none of us recognized or understood. Lets put an image to these initials that will make THEM easier to remember:

KMRD, LP as in Krafty Masters of Rural Density and Lost Pastures

It appeared to me that it was Mr. Wideman’s intention to move the Zoning Board to ask questions he wasn’t permitted to ask himself. Questions like: Why the name change? Why now after the first hearing has been held? It was okay then, what’s changed? Mr. Wideman and the rest of us knew that Zawarsky, Benner etc. wanted to take the fire out the fight so they could slide off into the night and continue their deforestation of the Lehigh Valley. They do not want personal references to continue through the hearings to come and certainly don’t want to put face on the Krafty Masters.

Unfortunately for us, the five Zoners in silence turned their heads toward THEIR LAWYER who advised them it was okay and not to object or ask questions. OUR LAWYER, whose salary is paid by Forks taxpayers agreed with all the OTHER LAWYERS. So the Zoners kept their mouths shut and approved the name change 5-0. All Mr. Wideman could do was to thank them for listening as he returned to his seat. After applause from all of us, the Zoner’s Lawyer warns us that this is a court room and we should remain silence and respectful. Give me a break. It is hard for me to image that I was in a courtroom watching talking heads pass around a microphone. The township spent millions to build a municipal complex with a state of the art meeting room. You would think that the township could have had respect for the proceeding by preparing better.

Since we were all in a gym, seating in bleachers, it is appropriate that I share my scorecard results with you:


See you next time.

It's a FAC said...

Welcome to the FAC blog Forks Fan. Bet there are lots of Forks folks now trying to come up with their own translations of the acronym KMRD, LP.

Kings Millage Reaps Dollars, Lotta Pressure... Yours is better!

Please keep us posted with your scrore cards.