Friday, June 25, 2010

BoS Meeting - June 17, 2010

The Forks Township BoS held a meeting on June 17, 2010. The following are some of the key actions taken by the board.

1. Approved the concept of the Parks and Recreation 5 year plan and submitted about 12 comments to the Parks and Recreation Standing Committee. Vote: 4 to 0

2. The Recreation Board presented the updated Recreation Board Ordinance to the BoS. The board agreed to submit comments to the township solicitor by July 21, 2010. Vote: 4 to 0.

3. The board approved the Eastern Spade Toad Assessment Proposal funding. The approved amount was $1073.00. Vote: 4 to 0

4. The board discussed the proposed communication plan between the BoS and the Planning Commission. The purpose of the plan is to improve communications. The approved a motion to have agenda for all Planning Commission meetings. Vote: 3 to 1.

5. The board renewed a 2 year contract for Signal Service INC. The cost of the contract is $2,975. Vote: 4 to 0.

6. Approved a amount not to exceed $20,000 to connect the Recreation Path between Wagon Wheel Drive to Penn's Ridge and Vista Estates. Vote: 4 to 0.

7. The board approved a proposed change to the Forks Township personnel guide. The proposal will prohibit any BoS member from holding the position of township manager for a period of 5 years after leaving the board. Additionally, the motion stated that township employees will not be eligible to run for township elected positions. The solicitor was directed to research and provide a draft proposal to the board.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Very Sad News

We have some very sad news to report. The editor of the Forks Action Committee (FAC) blog and website is gravely ill.

Please keep this person in your thoughts and prayers.