Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Memory of Diane Baker

For the past 5 years, we can think of no one who has served Forks residents more than she did as the editor in chief and web master of the Forks Action Committee. Diane was an omniscient reporter of all that went on in local government. As a river’s edge resident, she was naturally watchful and vigilant of all issues involving the Delaware and this trait extended to all matters relating to township government. Her motivation was pure.

She knew that hard working families had little time to attend civic meetings but wanted to be informed about Forks issues that would most certainly affect them. So she brought the municipal meetings and news to them through the FAC web site. Diane understood the importance of citizen involvement in making change and the information she provided was the force, which enabled this to happen.
Diane felt that people should make personal judgments on all things Forks without unnecessary chatter and opinion from others. Her reporting style was straightforward, fair and non-biased. She most certainly held strong views, but they never clouded her reporting of Supervisor, Planning and Zoning meetings over these past years. “What’s important”, she would say, “is that people get the facts plain and clear from FAC so that they can determine whether or not their interests are being served by Supervisors.” She believed in open, transparent government that was not afraid to address difficult issues. FAC’s weekly survey was her way of drawing attention to current issues so that people would think about them and take action.
Her illness caught up with her quickly last month. Sadly her voice is now silent and those last meetings she attended will remain as unpublished notes. But those notes are but a drop in the ocean of work, which will remain on the Forks Action Committee web site for all to read. Even though she sought anonymity, she is admired by all who knew of her contribution to the township.

You will be missed Diane!