Saturday, June 11, 2005


Kudos for this gentleman for his letter in the Express Times… He has it right!!!

With the room overflowing with people at the joint Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on May 24th you have to wonder if the vote was not predetermined. 90% of the attendees were totally against the proposed “mixed village center”. If the elected officials listened to the crowd’s reaction, they could tell that the majority was against this ridiculous plan. One of the supervisors stated that the crowd was 50/50. What meeting was he attending? Why do we allow Strausser to even present new projects when so many that are already approved are not even close to completion (for example, the country club, driving range, community center, etc.)? I am amazed that we still allow him to do anything in this township considering that Sal Panto stated at this meeting that the Vista Estates homes that are now selling for $269,000 were shacks. I guess you forget, Sal, that your pal built them!


Fed Up said...

I think it's time for a drastic change! We need people in charge of the Township who listen to the Township residents. We elect people to represent us, not make decisions despite us.

Townshipper said...

Welcome Fed Up. You are sooo right. Looks like the "oligarchy" that Progress is the Future once said (in this blog) we have is what we have. We elected them to serve us we thought. HA! Wrong. We apparently elected some of them to "serve themselves." We do indeed need a change. I vote for DEMOCRACY! How does one go about calling for a "no confidence" election like they had in CA? I know. It's a tad extreme, but the votes they cast lately are scaring the bejeezus out of me!

Then there's the whole Strausser crew and their front man, Sal Panto. He told the newest Forks residents at a meeting the other night that the new homes they just bought for $350,000 only cost the builder $110,000 to build! Bet they are tickled to know that when he refers to "cookie cutter" homes, he means THEIR nice new $350,000 ones. Mr. Sensitive he ain't. If I were one of them, I'd want some answers NOW! That better be ONE REALLY NICE recreation center!