Saturday, June 04, 2005

Proposed Car Sales Lot

Residents of 1206 Sullivan Trail are proposing an "automotive sales business" on their property. This is a residential area that is already suffering from the over-development in Forks Township. Residents walking along this stretch of Sullivan Trail are frequently run off the road by speeding cars, and making a turn from a side road is quite risky. My gardening now involves picking up litter from the edge of Sullivan Trail, which borders my home. Permitting a business in this area will only attract more cars that the road and neighborhood cannot handle.

In addition to the dangerous traffic situation, surrounding property values will be affected by the appearance of a used car lot in the midst of a residential area. If this use is permitted, it will only pave the way for more exceptions and more problems.

The opportunity to oppose this request will be on Monday, June 13th at 7:30pm. Please attend and help us voice our objection to this proposal. We are new at this, and can use the support from more experienced residents.


mulligan said...

Welcome Ivymum,Some of your grievances are of a general nature. We all feel the growing pains. In order to guard off incoming, nonconforming uses you must focus your objections in specific ways. I.E.: Are your immediate neighbors in aggreement with you? Are they willing to come to this meeting ? Is this use in the best interest of the Township? Is there adequate parking? Can one enter and exit safely (Sullivan is a PA state road)? Can the property comply with setback and buffer standards? I hope this helps. I have some turf of my own to cut.Later...

It's a FAC said...

Ivymum, welcome. I certainly hope that you can rally your neighbors to go the Zoning Hearing Board meeting. The Board needs to hear all sides and if you and your neighbors don't go, well, they will assume that all is hunky-dory and grant the variance. There have been so many changes to our Township lately. It's like a kid going between age 12 and 13... kind of like the Township's going through puberty. It can't seem to decide what it wants to be. It certainly cannot be all things to all people any longer. There are too many of us.

Maybe your contingent to the meeting can cite particular eyesores as examples? Maybe the remnants of the old Texaco filling station down the street? Or, hey, that old Gulf station on College Hill? Bring photos. That might help. Good luck!