Sunday, April 10, 2005

Reporters Afraid To Get Their Feet Wet !

It seems our esteemed colleagues from the two major presses of our area were asleep during the recent BoS meeting. Instead of reporting on blatant infringements to sunshine laws and the incredulous ramifications of the proposed developments, our writers decided the demise of an abused historic structure and the completion of a township building would be all the sustenance area readers would be able to digest. A new school system which could have cost of over 100MILLION DOLLARS to area residents (not Just those residing in Forks) will be necessary. Forks is already #1 in area growth with a growth rate nearly TWICE that of any other in Lehigh and Northampton counties. It seems that area developers find it a hardship to abide by our current zoning laws. They have quite graciously decided that they will rewrite our laws to fit their agendas. Further, they are willing to do this at no cost. OOOPPS, they forgot to mention that they stand to profit MANY MANY MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and leave residents holding the cost of new schools, new roads and numerous other infrastructure needs. In the South, they used to call this type of scoundrel a CARPETBAGGER. To further clarify,Webster's defines a CARPETBAGGER as a nonresident who MEDDLES in politics. In the South, they used to run these CARPETBAGGERS OUT of town(ship). In Forks ???


Townshipper said...

Hey Rufus... yesiree... you make a lot of good points. I'm thinking that the modern carpetbagger will be defined in future editions of Websters as someone nice and cozy with the "staff" in Forks. The Sunshine Act, unfortunately, does not include STAFF, only elected officials and appointed commissions. Durn. It needs a rewrite. Why on earth is our "staff" helping developers who want to rezone and/or craftily RE-ZONE (overlay schmoverlay if you get my drift)? It makes sense that our "staff" meets with developers who are in compliance with our zoning ordinance to help them create projects that are desirable and pleasing. It does not make sense that our tax dollars are spent to help developers subvert our zoning ordinance. I object.

What the heck is zoning for anyway? Looks like it means diddly here in Forks. Heck... here in Forks the developers draft the necessary ordinances for us! Saving us money again. Oh joy.

mulligan said...

Ahem, another ball in the bush. All this talk of sunshine got me to thinking. The "STAFF" is directly hired by the BoS. That being said, I believe that legally puts them in an agency relationship. Now,if memory serves,this same relationship is what lead to the resignation of President Nixon in the 70's.Hmmm, some of this turf needs a clipping.

Chris Pollock said...

Mr. Leakin,

I'd be very interested to know what provisions of the Pennsylvania open records/open meetings law were violated. I also would like to know how you arrived at the $100 million figure.

Chris Pollock

Progress is the Future said...

I am amused that no answer was posted to Mr. Pollock's questions. Could this be, Great Oracle, that the original post was unfounded?

Progress is the Future said...

Actually Oracle I believe that the times posted aren't all from today.

And also, Great Oracle, you have posted out of turn on every other issue, why not this one?