Sunday, January 30, 2005

Commitment before Approval?

In January of 2005 Strausser Enterprises approached the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission to change the zoning for its Riverview Estates development. While there are pros and cons to their request, here are some things that should be noted.

1) An undated letter was sent in the 4th quarter of 2004 by Strausser Enterprises' representative Sal Panto stating that there would be a Village Center (see page 2) even though this had not yet been presented to the township.

2) In this same letter, Mr. Panto announced that even though the homeowners purchased their homes through Segal and Morel, they, Strausser Enterprises would be managing association funds until certain percentages of ownership of the units are reached.

It is interesting that the people (Segal and Morel) who sold these people their homes will not be managing their association.

This letter is worth reading and we believe will raise questions for most readers who consider the timetable of events odd.

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out of townshipper said...

interesting but not completely accurate. I have a friend who purchased a home in this community and has been aware of this concept prior to his purchase by looking on their web site. They tell me they also attended a residents' meeting where a representative from the developer showed pictures and explained the zoning issue they faced. Additionally, again you must read the municipal planning code concerning the fact that it IS the developer of the community responsible for the homeowners association and by the letter it seems like the developer is even offering the residents an opportunity to get more involved earlier. In the development I am in they didn't allow us. Hope you don't mind I am just trying to set the record straight. By the way, the Bethlehem Township website is one that I find to be very informative.