Wednesday, October 13, 2004


There is nothing more that a teenager likes to do than speak their mind. Whether they discuss their views on dates, school, sports, or politics depends on the interest of the teen, but there is one thing that they all have in common: they all demand the right to speak freely. And why wouldn’t they? This is one of the many rights that are guaranteed to the American teenager in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Forks Township has recently found a loophole around this amendment though. They would never take away a citizen’s right to free speech, because that would be wrong, but they would restrict it. Their newest innovative idea for township meetings is to give each citizen a certain amount of time to speak their mind. No matter what the degree of their problem or concern is, each resident will have the same amount of time to discuss and resolve their issue with the board of supervisors. So, basically, if someone comes to a meeting to discuss trick-or-treat, they get the same amount of time as someone who is trying to get money to cover the damage done to their house by a backed-up sewage system during hurricane Ivan.
Being a teenager in Forks Township disgusts me. If I feel the need to speak my mind, I want to be heard. We should have unlimited time to articulate our views because those are what help improve our community. I am a part of the next generation of Forks Township and my opinion can make a difference for the future. Is this not what the board of supervisors is here for? We elected them to this position to listen to us, whether we are young or old, and in return they should let us help them to help our community. Somehow, I do not see this happening when our opinions are put under time restrictions.


It's a FAC said...

Sometimes I am so afraid for the future... the future of my family, of the township, the world, and the planet. Thank you so much for helping to restore my faith in humanity with your post. You are one of the people who should be heard! You are hope. I'm sorry that the township disgusts you. Sometimes it disgusts me too. But, the fact that you ARE disgusted and willing to speak up, that is what gives me hope. Thanks for the great post.

It's a FAC2 said...

I am so glad to see the youth of the township interested in what is happening. I hope more youth take an interest and speak up to what their thoughts are regarding township matters. To the teenager who wrote this article keep up the good work and the interest.

Progress is the Future said...

It is ashame that your parents have given you a false impression of the political process, and have tainted your views.

If the true facts were evaluated, you'd see that Forks is heads above other townships, mainly because of progress.

I hope that when you go off to college you'll be able to see the world in truth, instead of the isolated bubble that your parents told you exists. Then, you'll be happy to come back to Forks and see how good it is compared to the way it could be.

Progress is the Future said...

It is hard to see that young minds can be influenced by their surroundings moreso that you might expect.

I respect unique ideas and the gumption to stand up for what one believes.

However, I think that you fail to see how this individual would MOST LIKELY not have a concern with the issues raised if her parents weren't involved.

Where are the posts from the other 5000+ minors in the township?

Big Red said...

Progress is the Future,

Where do your views come from? If mine originate in the minds of my parents, surely enough yours have been “tainted” as well by one source or another. I would like to let you know that my parents have not “tainted” my views. As do most teenagers, I seldom agree with my parents on any issue, especially politics. When it comes to the political affairs regarding Forks Township, our views do nothing but differ. My political views are my own, just as I hope yours are your own, and I do not need to be an adult to have an opinion. Just because my outlook is different than yours does not make it tainted or part of an “isolated bubble.”

I have evaluated the facts by attending Forks Township Board of Supervisor’s meetings. I do not believe Forks Township to be below other townships, and I do see that it is making progress, but in my opinion, it is not in the right direction. Progress, according to the dictionary, means “gradual betterment.” When it comes to Forks, things do not happen gradually, they all happen at once. Sometimes they are so fast (and even faster now that residents are restricted to five minutes to ask for help at township meetings) that it is hard to keep track of all of the facts and arrangements.

I do not need to go to college to see the world in truth. I see what is happening because it is pretty hard not to observe our township’s changes.

As for being happy to come back to Forks after college, I beg to differ. By the time I get back, there will be nothing left for me to come home to, or to enjoy. All the aspects I loved about it have been replaced by “progress.” I saw how great Forks Township was, and once you have a taste of greatness it hard to accept anything less. “Less” is now the category that Forks is falling into. That is my opinion. I have derived it from my own sources and my own observations, not from those beliefs belonging to my parents. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even those people that choose to generalize those belonging to others.

Progress is the Future said...

If these are truly your own words, the I stand corrected.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and I can see by your eloquence that you are probably more informed and less likely to jump to conclusion than your parents.