Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Did You Know?

Forks Township has a budget of $75,000 for our Solicitor,Karl H. Kline, but has paid the following over the past few years:

2004 - $71,339.64 (1st Qtr: $38,366.42; 2nd Qtr: $32,973.22)
2003 - $102,649.07
2002 - $96,635.51

Kline's Hourly Rate: 2004 is $110.00 (2003 was $105.00; 2002 was $100.00)

This information and much more can be obtained at the Forks Township Municipal Building.
See website listed below for the Open Meetings/Open Records publication explaining


Countertop said...

Sounds like Forks Township is getting a deal. Mr. Kline ought to be making at least 100 more an hour, if not more.

Rebel With A Cause said...

Are you Mr. Kline? Perhaps his mother or a close relative? I don't mean to be flip, but, unless you fit the aforementioned bill, it is hard to fathom that you believe he is worth more money.

It's a FAC said...

Seems there is something that needs fixing in the township's budget! Of course costs are higher because of the unexpected... the Indian claim, the GSA ethics investigation, and the developer onslaught, but it seems like somehow, the budget was underestimated to the extreme. I hope that it is not so "optimistic" going forward. They should be able to guess costs when budgeting that have a smidgeon of reality, don't you think? If not, what's the point? How accurate is the rest of the budget? Makes one wonder.

Forks Blogger said...

Has anyone ever looked into the court filings of the township against builders who have been building in the area? I would be my dog, that not once has Forks went after a builder who made a mess. It would be another example of Forks inability to control the builders activities in our area.

As far as the salary, its not overly high considering the rate for solicitors in other towns. Keep in mind he not starving since how many other sweet accounts does he have at the same time.